Values and


A brand symbol of ethics, synonymous with quality

Our core value is cooperation: The working relationship we build with each company is based on mutual benefit and mutual respect for roles.

The ethical principles that govern our business activities are:

  •   Valuing of human resources
  •   Respect for the work of our partners
  •   Confidentiality, transparency and completeness of information
  •   Fair competition
  •   Quality of services and products

The metalworking industry is one of RF GROUP's principal operating sectors.
Our experience in the automotive and aeronautic industries has helped define the quality criteria that today characterise our assistance, overhaul and production development services.
Quality is the watchword for RF GROUP in all phases of operation, from the health management study of the customer's machinery and systems right up to the internal procedures for managing suppliers and order workflows.

  • Quality of the products used
  • quality of the processes adopted and
  • quality of the suppliers selected.

On this basis RF GROUP can:

guarantee its customers services that comply with all laws and regulations,
and that above all maximise customer satisfaction through continuous improvement.

Our added value is the care we put into building and maintaining reliable relationships with our customers based on :

  • transparent communication
  • il and the achievement of common goals.


ISO 9001:2015 (Quality Managment System)

Here at RF GROUP, quality means:

  • Rigorous standards in selecting and monitoring suppliers
  • Specific professionals dedicated exclusively to auditing, technical support and the development of automation projects for production
  • Meticulous testing of overhauled components in our state-of-the-art laboratory and metrology room.

In partnership with:

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