Specialist maintenance

We find technological solutions to meet your needs, employing control systems for machine and process management and thereby reducing the need for human intervention. We also use technology to perform repetitive or complex operations, to guarantee action completion/safety or simply for the sake of convenience.

We provide maintenance services for appliances, machines, plant and automation systems and can handle automatic installations, robots and electronic control systems. Our automation system maintenance technician ensures the proper connection of all electrical, electromechanical, electronic, pneumatic and hydraulic devices and carries out preventive intervention. Our call-out and repair services guarantee the correct operation of automation systems and normal machining.

We operate in all industrial/service sectors using automation systems. We can also work with small or craft companies that offer third-party specialist maintenance/employed service.

  • We aim to ensure that automation systems are fully available throughout production.
  • The work can be done both by the day and in shifts.

Our professional staff create structured and quality solutions.

OUR GOAL is to offer high quality service based on experience and to provide turnkey solutions with optimal resource management.

We guarantee the highest technical quality of our components and personnel.

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