Renishaw Partner



As RENISHAW agents in the Triveneto area, we offer consultancy supportto companies in the initial technical analysis phase.
We analyse process and machine characteristics to select the best application for you.

In addition to offering you the probe OVERHAUL or REPLACEMENT service with an OFFICIAL RENISHAW warranty, we support you all the way from installation to configuration and with supplementary user courses.

  • Measurement and setting probes
  • Presetting and tool integrity probes

EQUATOR - Quality and Speed in production

The Equator system is unique in design and operation, and has already transformed the way thousands of production technicians work, setting a benchmark for industrial verification.
Equator systems can be configured to suit the needs of the application and machining process, with optional hardware, software and accessories for manual and automatic operations.

Renishaw's Equator calibration systems exploit an innovative , highly repeatable technology that goes beyond the traditional method of comparing production partswith a reference sample.Sample updating is as fast as measuring a production piece and immediately compensates for thermal variations within the workshop. The Equator system can be used in facilities with significant temperature variations. Simply remaster and the system is ready to continue repeatable comparisons with the sample.

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