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Rotary tables and power turrets

We are also happy to offer proven support on simple or power turrets, as well as on 4th axis or rotary tables (continuous or indexed). These components can be cyclically affected by mechanical, hydraulic and electronic problems. Over time, you may also encounter difficulties in tightening the rotating unit, hydraulic oil leakages that end up in the machine coolant, abnormal noises of the power unit or even backlash in the 4th axis rotation phase that you have to compensate for in parameterisation.
The targeted overhauls by our expert technicians will return your components functioning perfectly.

Wear or impacts can cause variations in point distances from the table, resulting in level or parallel errors.
In this case we can completely remove the mechanical unit and correct the support points to restore perfect geometry. During reassembly in the machine we will take care of resetting the "machine home position" heights: you can just sit back and enjoy production.

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