Spindles and electrospindles

Spindles and electrospindles are fundamentally important devices in machine tools . They are subject to wear and tear and this will lead to downtime in your business sooner or later. That's why we treat these components with special care, analysing them periodically in order to track their condition and wear status .
This gives us an objective basis to help us plan together for minimal downtime when cutting or overhauling!

At RF SERVICE, we provide you with 3 support types for spindles and electrospindles.


Our overhaul service for spindles and electrospindles includes an initial free quote that provides you with minimum and maximum costs and estimated delivery times.
We provide step-by-step tracking for each operation:

  • Disconnection of systems and disassembly of the spindle on the machine
  • Insured transport to our workshop
  • Cartridge disassembly, cleaning
  • Height and internal status measurement in the spindle room
  • Reconditioning of stops and thickness correction
  • Bearing replacement and preload adjustment
  • Cartridge closure and balancing in the spindle room
  • Running-in
  • Insured transport to your workshop
  • Reassembly of the spindle and system connection
  • Balancing in the machine Pre-machining
All with full traceability of the spare parts and bearings used.

Routine checks

We will evaluate a programme of routine checks on the spindles and electrospindles in your machine park with you free of charge. These checks will allow you to schedule preventive measures against unforeseen failures during production.
But that's not all! So far, you're keeping pace with production delivery schedules. But what about quality?
Remember that a spindle doesn't need to seize completely before replacement or repair: wear or damage caused by a slight impact can lead to significant deterioration in the quality of machined pieces. Our precision tools integrated with our software service allow us to determine the approximate life-span of the spindle in advance and take steps before your production quality suffers..


If, on the other hand, you struggle with severe wear due to machining in extreme conditions, we can procure or manufacture one or more spindles from scratch for you to store as replacements. This will allow you to reduce production downtime to just a few hours for cartridge replacement, machine rebalancing and chip restarting.

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